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We provide complete services, ranging from small to complex projects, for organizations in both the public and the private sectors, and with thousands of users all around Slovakia. The quality and portfolio of our services enable rapid, efficient and successful implementation of projects and subsequent quick return on investment.


Project Management

Professional project management based on established methods with an emphasis on a pro-active approach, forecasting and elimination of potential problems. We value detailed task and resource management, thorough controlling and traceability. We achieve our goals by a meticulously proactive approach and a total focus on the project.


Analysis of the current state from the material, process-based, technical, organizational and legal viewpoint. We perform a detailed documentation of the status quo after meeting the customer’s experts and by studying available background documents. This stage may involve the creation of a catalogue of requirements to be resolved in the future.

Specification of the solution

A detailed design and specification of a future solution based on an analysis of the status quo or the catalogue of requirements. We use various formalized approaches, methods and tools including, among others, the Unified Modeling Language and the Enterprise Architect. The specification includes modeling of proposed solutions. The specification serves as the basis for the subsequent implementation of a new solution.

Infrastructure specification

Detailed design and specification of the system and technical infrastructure of the future solution for the required environments: production, testing or training. The infrastructure specification must meet all the required levels of performance, availability, scalability, security and minimization of operating expenditure in complex HW/SW environments.


Adapting a standardized solution to the requirements of the project following the specification of the solution. The extent of the customization is determined by the deviation from a standard solution. Customization of a standard solution is the preferred, very efficient and rapid mode of delivery of the required solution.


If the requirements for a new solution exceed the possibilities of customization in some areas or if some functionalities are not included in the standard solution at all, it is necessary to develop these elements from the ground up. Agile development teams take care of producing the software in collaboration with analysts, architects and testing teams, all striving towards the common goal of achieving the highest quality of the finished solution.


Ensuring a correct installation of all the required basic software products needed for the operation of the new solution. This may be a new solution developed through customization or a tailor-made development. Installation is carried out in cooperation with the operator of the technical infrastructure in all the required environments.


Integration with external systems and applications is needed in most projects and it is often plays a decisive role in the success of the entire project. That is why it places emphasis on a correct and efficient design of integrating interfaces and the cooperation with other suppliers, as well as on its quality implementation. We also focus on the use of standardized and certified interfaces.


Migration of data from one or several previous systems into the new solution is a typical component of our projects. Satisfaction of users depends, to a large extent, on the quality of the migration. We meticulously apply standardized procedures for the analysis, design and implementation of the migration in order to achieve the highest quality of the migrated data.


Quality testing scenarios, their execution and evaluation over several cycles are a guarantee of the future acceptance of the whole project. Testing as one of the methods of quality assurance is a part of every project. We apply all types of tests: functional, integrating, penetration or load testing. We use both manual testing and automated testing tools.


We provide training of various kinds and length – including intensive personal training for key users and administrators, training for regular users, and executive training for managers. We make extensive use of e-learning methods and approaches. Quality training is necessary for the acceptance by and satisfaction of users with the delivered work.


This crucial part of system commissioning must be well supported in technical, organizational and training terms. It requires full focus of the implementation team and its cooperation with the customer or operator of the new system. Users must be fully informed about the new system as part of the roll-out.

Service, optimization and development

An SLA may be agreed with the customer to provide agile first-, second- or third-level support. We optimize the system in several aspects following experience of the users in order to increase their acceptance of the new system. The system is also developed to a larger or smaller extent, for example due to changing legislation or integration with other systems.

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