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Fabasoft eGov-Suite

A system for the electronic processing of files, records, documents and work procedures.

Fabasoft eGov-Suite makes the processes of automated registry services faster, more efficient and transparent. It is intended for central state and regional authorities as well as the private sector.

It meets international standards like DOMEA (Germany), ELAK (Austria), GEVER (Switzerland) and TNA (UK). It is the first product in the Slovak Republic to have obtained a certificate of the Ministry of Interior on compliance with the standards of electronic information systems for registry management as defined in Ministry Decree 525/2011.

Fabasoft eGov-Suite is technologically based on Fabasoft Folio. Because of its high scalability it can be deployed quickly and efficiently in organizations of varying sizes, from smaller to large installations serving thousands of users in a complex organizational structure, with work processes and millions of documents.

Main system functionalities

Document Management

Used for electronic filing, creation and processing of documents of various types throughout their life-cycle. Contains tools for access rights management, watermarking, delegation, auditing, working with documents, versioning, annotations, finalization and search.


Set up a separate work area for informal exchange of information and informal approvals without the users having to use other tools.

Process Management

It ensures optimal and efficient execution of processes with the possibility of individual settings. Contains tools like work pool, work steps, pre-defined processes with a fixed structure, ad-hoc processes, parallel activities, deadlines and e-mail notifications.

Processing of files and records

Provides a flexible platform for modern management of files, records and documents with full electronic support of all process operations. Permits the filing of incoming records, preparation of outgoing records, internal correspondence, processing of multiple file types, support for the whole life-cycle of a file, transparent overview, access rights, traceability and processing.

On-line and off-line modes

Enable access to the system from the Internet and while working outside of one’s own organization. Some document processing tools may be used without an Internet connection.

On-line services

Support transaction-based online services for a modern eGovernment which can be deployed from a central location.

Platform for expert applications

Provides a platform for the development of new applications and open, standardized interfaces for connecting existing applications.


Secure procedures are used for archiving. The archived information is searchable, reconstructible, unmodifiable and protected against forgery.


Search objects simply and efficiently using any attributes or their combinations while fully respecting user access rights.

Mobile Applications

Allows the users access from their mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones while supporting Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

Principal Solution

Allows for the implementation of extensive systems with several separate organizations in a single installation.

Administrator Tools

Contains tools for professional administration of the registry by employees who are Registry Administrators and Portable Registry Administrators.

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