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We are a software company focusing on the implementation of document and process management systems. Our solutions are used by more than 55,000 users in dozens of organizations of both the public and the private sector.


DWC Slovakia a.s.

We started in Andex, a leasing operation software developer. The market for such applications was becoming crowded and development costs exceeded sales revenues, which made us look at other opportunities. We realized that an opportunity was available in the area of document processing and management and the related tools. The year 2000 was crucial for us.

We devoted great attention to the selection of the foundation technology which could later be used to develop applications for the local market. We reviewed several foreign solutions and eventually opted for Fabasoft from Austria. The company could show real implementations and had a good price point. Soon we were able to attract the first customers.

Initially, our cooperation with Fabasoft only took the form of a business and implementation partnership but later on we teamed up with the Austrian company and established a joint venture, Fabasoft Slovakia s.r.o. When business took off DWC Slovakia a.s. was formed. At the time we saw it as an ideal opportunity to shift our offering towards localized, experience-based solutions.

We later extended the partnership cooperation which remains excellent to this day. Becoming independent allowed us to begin using competing technologies. That helps us offer customers solutions which are tailored to the specific Slovak situation. At present 90 per cent of our portfolio consists of Fabasoft products while the remainder is based on competing products.

In 2018, as part of a portfolio expansion the group Asseco Central Europe decided to invest in document processing and management systems, including the related processes. It went on to acquire DWC.

“DWC Slovakia is firmly established on the Slovak market and offers solutions which have been missing from our portfolio. It uses extremely successful technologies which have been used in the largest eGovernment project to date, deployed for the whole state administration on the federal level in Germany. Following our experience and the requirements and needs of our customers we decided to expand the offering of Asseco Central Europe to include solutions based on Document Management System, Workflow and Content Governance. We are also striving to market these solutions internationally, through Asseco International,” said Jozef Klein, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Asseco Central Europe while signing the acquisition agreement.

Press Report of July 2, 2018


Through our cooperation with Fabasoft we satisfy the conditions for standardization of administrative file exchange by public and local administration authorities in the European Union, of which Slovakia is a member. Fabasoft is the national benchmark for document management systems in several countries and has implemented flagship solutions in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the UK.

In Slovakia registry/registry services are regulated by legislation. A certificate must be issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic whenever registry tools are implemented. We promote making Fabasoft the benchmark for Document Management Systems which increase the efficiency of public and local administrations, introduce order to the workplace and follow the whole life-cycle of a document from its filing to the final resolution.

We offer the means how public and local administrations can meet the legal requirements related to registry services. Certified solutions increase the speed, efficiency and transparency of administrative processes in practice.

Fabasoft products offer interoperability with other information systems. They are certified for use with SAP ERP solutions and with office and database applications of Microsoft.


There is a difference between filing registry and process registry. The first only contains applications for the management of filing registry services which include tools for the registering and filing of documents received by an organization. The process registry represents a higher level, including the related approval processes. It includes registering, scanning, assigning a serial file number or a barcode, and the tools for the management and control of the flow of documents in an organization, like the approval process, history of changes or monitoring of deadlines specified by the legislation and by internal directives. .

We provide complete process of registry services. There are only a few suppliers who meet the conditions for offering these systems. You only pay for the technology, not the additional modules.

We offer a price-competitive and tested European solution. Fabasoft is a comprehensive system already in the standard version. This means that after its implementation you do not need to buy any additional modules like with competing solutions, thereby achieving a reduction of upfront costs and service fees, and simplifying the operation and maintenance of the system. Fabasoft has integrated all tools in a single solution – the Document Management System which includes the workflow, integration platform and the archive. We do not need to rely on any partners who usually add to the cost of the solution. We implement the whole system ourselves, in cooperation with Fabasoft.

We value actual references from customers which include active feedback regarding the operation of the technology in practice. In Austria the whole state administration uses the Fabasoft system. In Slovakia we have reached 55,000 active users. We are the only company which offers solutions based on Fabasoft technologies. We are one of its most successful partner organizations. Our premium relationship enables us to offer our long-term customers special prices.


We have been diligently building our experience by implementing technologies in public administration and in the private sector since 2000. We have established a specialized team for this area, consisting of top experts qualified in various areas of document management and control. They have been with us since the founding of the company. We employ more than 106 internal and 32 external workers in order to cover the whole portfolio of our services.

By implementing the system, our co – operation does not end. Implementation, which benefits from the know-how of our Austrian partner, is one stage but, another includes the support we provide after the commissioning of the system. We have intimate knowledge of the technologies which we implement. We offer our customers system-based, application and analytical/development support..

Every customer is different – they have different requirements and different technological environment. They all share one thing – the need for a standardized, centralized and transparent solution and for rapid access to documents and information.

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