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Specialized applications are separate functional units with specific functionalities for a particular area or document type. They are intended for the automation of complex processes which involve the processing of paper documents or other forms of content while integration with external systems is required.


Electronic records managment

Sophisticated, solidly proven application for electronic records managment. Suitable for all kinds of organizations – small to large, geographically spread out, with a complicated structure and a large number of both users and documents. This application is defined by full process support, complex functionality and quick implementation.

GDPR Suite

Our software solution for the GDPR area offers comprehensive management of the whole personal data protection cycle with regard to source system management from initial analysis through operation. It ensures legal compliance by combining methodological and IT elements. We identify personal data in data sources using advanced source data analytics and machine learning methods. The result is a consolidated view of source systems and personal data contained in them at a significant cost reduction.


The EntSearch software tool helps you always find the right information, which you are authorized to access, in the data of the whole organization. The search runs on various data sources and with the support of several document types stored, for example, in Sharepoint, Fabasoft, relational databases, and even web pages and e-mail. The search engine has native support for the Slovak language, does not require diacritics for correct functioning and supports synonym dictionaries by default.

ISO Documentation

The application provides automated support, creation, maintenance and management of Quality Management System documentation and the processes for filing, processing and resolution of non-conformities, corrective and preventive measures in the QMS. It covers the whole life-cycle of QMS documents and the related processes.

Data Archive

The application permits full digitization of the existing printed project documents and its secure storage in digital format, while retaining the original labeling information, location of the hard copy and location of the project work. It also permits automated transfer of the digital documents into the system and an efficient search of the data archive.

Contract Management

Complete registration, creation and processing of all types of contracts and amendments used in an organization. Electronic processes for the creation of new contracts and amendments based on pre-defined templates by type of contracts, their review, approval and publishing. Creation of a central repository (register) of contracts, support of integration with the ERP system.


The application supports the filing, creation and procedural processing of all kinds of orders and requests. It allows the creation of a request for order by an applicant, its approval in accordance with the internal rules of the organization, preliminary financial check and transmission of the order to the supplier. The application can be integrated with the ERP system.

Processing of received invoices

Fully electronic processing of the whole life-cycle of received invoices – from their filing, including scanning, through a formal verification, verification of material correctness and break-down to cost structures, approval and transfer into the ERP system. The application speeds up the processing of received invoices, allows for efficient controlling and an oversight of the whole process.

Documents for review

The application supports electronic circulation of documents for review, their creation, review, approval and modification. It provides tangible support to the process-based management of the organization, making the manipulation of various documents subject to review easier and more transparent.

Property Register

Complete database of property – real estate, owned by the organization. The application collects the basic information about a property, including its capacity, placement in a hierarchy, use, economy, ownership, bookkeeping and financial information, staff details, graphic information and the related documents.

Meetings and Tasks

The application supports the managing and supervisory activities of executives, including the assignment and follow-up of work tasks and meetings. It permits managers to plan and implement meetings, assign tasks to employees and monitor and evaluate their fulfillment. Employees are notified of the assigned tasks and are provided the necessary background documents.

Travel Orders

Filing, creation and process-based processing of domestic and foreign travel orders while complying with the legislation and the approval processes of the organization. The application provides the processing of travel orders by supporting all the necessary activities before a business trip, and follow up after it. It can be integrated with the ERP system.


Filing, creation and processing of vehicle use requests. It supports process-based management of the organization by simplifying the handling of transport requests. It supports electronic processing (creation, approval, notification) of a transport request and its centralized registration. It provides real-time information on the number of requests over a period as well as on individual requests.

Leave Permits

Complete filing, creation and processing of requests for leave while respecting the organizational hierarchy and approval processes in the organization. It provides significant assistance to process-based management of the organization by speeding up and simplifying manipulation with leave permits. The application can be linked to the ERP system.

Single Document Circulation

A universal system for the creation, storage and processing of a great amount of various types of documents. It allows the definition of a single- or multi-tiered classification of documents, document templates and specific metadata for each document type, templates of processes and their admissibility rules, or obligations with relation to types of documents, and a high level of traceability.

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